Clerical Clothing by Emmanouil

Emmanouil family works in the field of textile industry for 150 years starting from Bursa, Asia Minor. The first generation engaged in the production of bath towels and silk textiles, traditional in Brusa. Production of silk fabrics and clothing started in Greece after 1922 . Since 1973 Emmanuil’s activities are the production of fabrics for liturgical vestments, brocade. Thus, the company was renamed to Emmanouil Liturgical Vestments.


The raw materials used to produce all of jacquard fabrics are imported from Europe and Japan by 80%, and the rest from the Greek market. They are all of  excellent quality and meet all standards.

  • They are allergic-proof
  • The Metallic threads used are coated with pure silver and gold in order to have durability in terms of vitality and shine.
  • Permanent dyes
  • Certification of ETAKEI, CLOTEFI, Product Identity
  • Dry Cleaning or washing up to 40 *C
  • Washing machine, spinning, and bleach use are not appropriate.